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    Congrats to Black8GV6 for his dropped, 5-speed-swapped, powdercoated Galant!

    Quote Originally Posted by Black8GV6
    First off I want to say thanks to everyone that voted. It's because of the info and help of TGC that my Galant stands the way it does today. I got the car from my parents, they bought it brand new in 2001. Went online to look at pics of Galants on Cardomain and saw some people cleared the headlights, from there I learned about TGC. Went to TGC, saw how to clear the headlights and then saw how to remove the “fins” from the upper grill and lower grill, man I hated the stock upper grill. Bought some Motegi wheels and it stayed like that for a few years. Years later the automatic transmission was acting up, came back to TGC and saw the 5 speed swap. I really liked the idea of the 5 speed, started to become active on TGC late 2011 I think and got some newb harassment initiation . Automatic died trans died one day on the road, got some 5 speed parts from members on TGC and also some great knowledge. I know nothing about cars but TGC helped me do the 5 speed swap in my driveway.

    Shout outs to spdracr and QnzMostWanted for helping me with all my annoying questions during the 5 speed swap and everything else. Shout out to every member that has posted useful knowledge. Shout out to everyone else that has helped me with the PMs I've sent them. My car really would be boring if it wasn't for TGC.

    Because I won COTM, I am buying a Quaife! My plan for the future, once I pay off my student loans I will build the engine and go turbo, probably 2 years. I really do love my Galant, love walking out to my car after work and just staring at it. I will most likely being upgrading the wheels this year too.

    The way the Galant was for most of it's life, that wheel gap

    This was a good day

    Love this car

    I have met a lot of great people from owning the Galant, so much fun hanging out with these guys. #GalantFam