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    by Published on 12-01-2014 08:05 PM
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    Congrats to kolio for his DOHC-swapped, turbo'd, JDM'd 7G Galant!

    Quote Originally Posted by kolio
    I'd like to say thank you first of all to all the people who have supported me and been there to help me. Many people have had a helping hand in the building of this beast. I'd like to specially thank Chris (mko) Chris (galanttuner) and ben. for all the late night messages and their constant support.

    I'd also like to thank the community. Without this forum and a few others, there would not be so much available for us. from research, to jdm parts, to motor swap tech.

    The car has gone down many different paths in its life. It was always done with time and never rushed. My 2 biggest influences for this build have to go to seth and john. So long story short, about 3 years ago, i had an opportunity to strip down a fully built 2G with a built 6bolt. So i jumped on it. i Got everything short of the chassis from the car. I had already planned to turbo the car, but now i was convinced to motor swap it. After 3 years of sitting in storage, The time came to swap the car. I had a lot of prep and prefabrication so the car went together in 3 weeks only working weekends on it. This is a car i have no intention of ever selling. the car is an original 5 speed DE with no power options. The car has taught me so much and i have wired my own custom power option on it. The car has always been my DD and so it still stands. The only thing waiting for it now is a tune, and possibly some AWD.