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    by Published on 07-02-2014 12:23 PM
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    Congrats to Chris and his turbo DOHC-swapped, JDM swapped 7G!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galanttuner10
    It is an honor to be COTM. Seeing the cars that have won before me and now my 7G is a part of that group. It is an awesome feeling.

    I have had this 7G since April of 2007, my senior year of high school. I loved it and the way it looked. The first summer I had it the tranny failed 3 times (auto) and many other issues but I fixed and kept it. It went from an automatic base galant to now having the 5 speed swap, rear disc swap, larger dual piston front brakes, full facelift VR4 body conversion and now turbo an DOHC swapped. With the help of this forum, I have pretty much changed every aspect of the Galant and I thank everyone who helped along the way.

    My favorite TGC moments will be the Corona meets and MOD east coast. Kicking it with you guys all day is awesome

    Future plans for this car include paint and more boost lol. In the back of my head I still want AWD but may not be able to complete that with this car.

    I just want to give a shout out to the most influential people even though many are not around anymore. Matt(Peanotation) was the first turbo 7G I ever saw on the internet, John(DOHCstunr) for making me want everything JDM and a big turbo, Both Chris's(MKO and Kolio) for their knowledge and help along the way and also to Roman(Goosey) and Brian(Stewi) for pushing their respective platform as well and making me want to strive for more with this car. And Mitch(Galant306m) for hating on me so much that I actually built the car hahaha. I always wanted a turbo 2G and with everyone at TGC's help, I made something far better and made some greeat friends and memories along the way. Thanks!!!