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  • October 2012 COTM Winner - [DC_eightG_00]

    Congratulations to [DC_eightG_00] for winning October 2012 COTM!

    Quote Originally Posted by [DC_eightG_00]
    Wow what can i say lol.. Well to start just want to thank everyone that voted and nominated me i really appreciate it. Never wouldve thought 4 years ago when i joined (in October actually) That i would be on the front page as the winner of the COTM. This to me is like unreal. Went up against some awesome cars so props to them as well. Now a little history on me with the G: I first got my galant back in 08 when i was a senior in high school. So like any normal teenager, i wanted my car to look good. So i started looking up stuff for the galant when i came across TGC. I remember seeing the cars on the site and just being in shock that a galant can look so good. So i set out to try to get mine on as close to their level as possible. My inspiration was QNZ, he was here in miami back at that time and i just fell in love with his car. I would have to give a shout out to QNZ for inspiring me, Youngfab59 for basically selling me all the parts off his car, Johnathansgalant, 02redgalant, whokilledhoughes and anyone else who helped guide me along the way in my early years.Got to thank cody too for helping me find my wheels.. They werent all that when i first got them but i knew what they could be so went for it.. As for whats next with my galant? Try to finish installing the wiring for the powerfolding mirrors, want to finish off my interior with getting my top half of the dash all black to complete the 2-tone look. Been back and forth on jdm visors and was real tempted on buying spardas vr4 6 piece flares but didnt. Thats basically a little quick history about me so thanks again. Proud i was chosen to represent TGC for this next month
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