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  • April 2014 COTM Winner - Trotty

    Congrats to Trotty and his tastefully modded and tuned Legnum (which is still a Galant, just the wagon version lol)!

    Thanks I'm honoured to have been chosen.

    History is pretty short. I bought the car 18months ago with 58000kms for a dealer in Sydney. After having my eye on it for 2 months. Only manual black legnum available, and had turn coils. Just also happened to be facelift 2000model. The mods started slowly just enjoyed the drive for 6mnths or so just mainly to ensure everything was sound. So fully serviced it to find the ayc was on its way out. Pulled the fuse and accepted I got the at cheap. Still to this day I have still got no ayc. It's been removed and is sitting on my bench rebuilt. I just have to make a control box to operate the ayc for bleed process. Lol
    The mods started with everything I could make myself. Ic pipes, exhaust, dumps. Then boost valve. Enjoyed the extra sound and punch for a while before a 600x300bar and plate cooler fell into my hands. So on it went. Shortly after a tune prevailed. Started on the factory boost setting and ran 135kwatw. After some fiddling with the tune and raised boost controlled via a 3port we finished with 196kwatw with knock from engine mounts on 16psi
    Now really awaiting another tune to max the little turbos out. See what we can really get outta these suckers.

    Future plans include custom manifolds supporting tdo4-13t Subaru huffers and dumps. Stronger head bolts and arp stud bottom end an ill find out the limits of the rods. Haha

    Shout out to the gurus for the awesome info. Always a great resource to pick from.
    Full mods can be seen here: