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  • March 2015 COTM Winner - 4g63lover

    Congrats to 4g63lover and BabyG, his fully rebirthed, DOHC-swapped, turbo'd, JDM'd, high-horsepower monster 8G Galant!

    Quote Originally Posted by 4g63lover

    I'd like to say I am truly honored to get COTM. Its been a rough year and a half, from crashing the car then blowing up the new motor on multiple occasions, I swear BabyG was testing my patience. But through it all, I wouldnt change a thing. I've had BabyG since 05 and weve gone through one hell of a journey together. She now drives awesome and I am hoping this year is the year she makes a real comeback.

    BabyG is a 2000 Galant ES. As you look through my build thread you will see she has gone through a few stages. In May of 2013 I slammed her into a lightpole at a local autocross event and have been frantically rebuilding since. In her current state, she is powered by a 2002 4g64 out of a stratus coupe paired with an 03 Sonata G4JS cylinder head built with Wiseco pistons, Manley H-beam rods, HKS 280 cams, PTE 5858 turbo, RC 1000cc injectors, and a Walbro fuel pump along with the needed supporting mods and controlled by an EVO ECU. She make 443whp and 417 wtq. She started out as a 16 year olds commute to and from school and has turned into the biggest most important thing in my life aside from my family and friends. If there is one thing about me that is to know, is that I am completely in love with this car.

    I wanna thank a couple of people. I didnt do this alone. Stewi and goosey. We had issues with the car from starting the first try and these two were on it when I shot them endless texts trying to diagnose the issue. CHICAGO_ONE and Redgalant2k1 for the endless moral support. My homies locally because they were there when I needed the car trailered or towed out somewhere. My wife for supporting me 150%, for footing most of the bill, and for dealing with my cranky nights when BabyG and I are fighting. and MOST OF ALL my Homie Brandon (underated) for staying on the phone with me for hours brainstorming ideas, for the millions of text messages at different time zones, all the answered questions, and all the answered questions that had already been asked. Without this dude, I would have been pulling my hair out trying to get this car done.

    As far as future plans, I plan to completely enjoy the shit out of this car. The trans needs to be addressed but for now, I am just looking forward to driving endlessly, listening to the wastegate open and getting to know BabyG all over again.