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  • TGC Server Migration


    I decided to move TGC to a new server tonight (been planning this for a few weeks now but decided the activity was low enough tonight to pull the trigger). The new server should be quite a bit faster than the old. Let me know how it's working for all of you. Does it seem faster, about the same, or slower? And also let me know if you have any issues using the new site.

    If you are reading this message, you are already using the new site.

    <3 Rob
    This article was originally published in forum thread: TGC Server Migration started by Voodoo View original post
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    1. oakrdrs187's Avatar
      oakrdrs187 -
      Seems to be faster. Although 99% of the time I'm on Tapatalk. Don't know if I'll be able to tell since Tapatalk only loads text and images leaving out the sites aesthetics making things load up quickly. This post is on the actual website and it does seem zippy.
    1. tamim13's Avatar
      tamim13 -
      Definitely seems faster on the PC. Great work!
    1. Voodoo's Avatar
      Voodoo -
      Glad to hear it. Thanks for the replies guys
    1. coconut's Avatar
      coconut -
      I agree. Seems to be faster, great work.
    1. JDyal's Avatar
      JDyal -
      Oh man a lot faster, I can feel it because I was so used to the delayed speed I could anticipate where I wanted to click next where I don't get the chance now lol
    1. Voodoo's Avatar
      Voodoo -
      The Googlebots seem to be happy with the changes from April 10th, too

      According to this graph, pages load in about 1/3 the normal amount of time now