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  • VegasMatt appreciation thread


    A long time member, TGC forum owner, Galant enthusiast, and friend, is not in good health. Some of you guys may know that VegasMatt has been battling stage 4 colon cancer since December 2013. Recently his wife posted that he is not doing well and was brought home to spend his last days with his family.

    This thread is for us to share stories, pictures, meets, and happy memories of Matt Clason.

    VegasMatt 2002

    VegasMatt 2009
    This article was originally published in forum thread: VegasMatt appreciation thread started by qnz View original post
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    1. Gladiator's Avatar
      Gladiator -
      Wow just saw this. I credit all my car knowledge to TGC, my deepest condolences :(
    1. GalantT3's Avatar
      GalantT3 -
      Wow a legend on this forum, haven't signed on in years and this is the first thing I see. Very sad! RIP!

      - - - Updated - - -

      Wow a legend on this forum, haven't signed on in years and this is the first thing I see. Very, very sad! RIP!
    1. Cali's Avatar
      Cali -
      Rest in peace Matt
    1. trougtyr's Avatar
      trougtyr -
      Man I wish I'd gotten a chance to get to know him before he passed. His G is my favorite one on TGC. Rest In Peace Matt
    1. Kid's Avatar
      Kid -
      Quote Originally Posted by RedGalant2k1 View Post
      Unfortunately, Matthew passed away from cancer this last November.

      For any that wish to pass along there wishes, i found this.

      WOW! I just went to the link above and thumbed through all of Matt's pictures. I always try to portray myself as a tough individual, however I damn neared teared up. Especially now that I'm a father to a little girl. I've NEVER met Matt before, but I can see the passion and love he had (HAS) for his family and daughter. May he rest in glory! The pain and suffering has stopped, and on to a new chapter my friend.

      Anyone here still keep in contact with his family? At least to set up maybe bbqs or whatever just to let them know they are not forgotten just due to Matt's passing?

    1. Predat-R's Avatar
      Predat-R -
      True legend for sure rip brother!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. chbuzz's Avatar
      chbuzz -
      Just seen this, been years since I been in here.. but remember all the way back on the yahoo board that he was always helpful and had a passion for his car that we all shared in. Never met him in person but felt a brotherhood in the passion of our G's.
    1. kildaremike's Avatar
      kildaremike -
      As per last post its been years since I last looked in but I remember how helpful he always was, and so patient with new members. Condolences to Matts family and to all who knew him better than I did. RIP.