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My Wish List for Kate

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Yes I named my car Kate (short for Katherine). I actually named her this and then I got my plates for my car and it started K88...It seemed kind of perfect lol. But yeah I have a habit for naming my cars, I even had a Charlie once...I miss Charlie. Charlie was a Chevy C10...big ole rust bucket but man it was beasty, my dad and I actually use to play bumper tag with Charlie and the S10 we had at the time...we would do this in town at stop lights, in our driveway, those trucks were built and we would just ram into each other lol. But anyway, back to my wish list of things I would like to do to Kate. Now some of these things I will be doing soon because they are maintenance things that I've picked up from the forum that should be done, or I feel I should do them because the car is 11 years old now and it would hurt for some of the shit to either be new or like new if I want this car to last me a while longer. And no this list is not in the order of how I want them done but I would like to have most of this, if not all of it done by next year.

1. Tranny Flush (I don't think it has ever been done)
2. All New Belts
3. New Front and Back Bumper & Reinforcements (The front hit a cement pole before I got it just enough to dent the bumper
and the back one hit a mail box...uh I swear I didn't see it).
4. New Outside Door Handles (they are pretty dinged up)
5. New Fenders (scratched and dented bad to where idk if just body work could fix them)
6. New Grille (Mines cracked in a spot)
7. New Headliner (It looks like someone took a lighter to it and scorched and melted it)
8. ABS Sensor (No idea which one or if I need multiple ones yet)
9. Brake Pads (Nice ones, you know the ones, but if you have some great one to suggest I will always consider them)
10. Repair all the Calipers
11. Drilled & Slotted Rotors
12. New Radiator Cap
13. Replace all the fuses (that way I know that they are all good and exactly when they were put in)
14. New Ash Tray Light Bulb
15. Glove Box Gap
16. New Wheels, still rolling around on the stock rims...they make me want to throw up
17. New Mirrors on the outside, they are chipping
18. New Gaskets all over the place
19. New Fuel Tank Cap
20. I would like to do a suspension overhaul
21. I would like to replace most if not all sensors at some point over the next year

That's all I've come up with, its a rather random list. It's not a complete list, but its stuff that I want done that I've thought about.

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  1. bryanjordan's Avatar
    Sounds good babe keep up the good work