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RedGalant's Progress.

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Removed the crash bar altogether and started notching the radiator support and frame rails.

This shows some of the cutting we had to do. We had to end up cutting more so the foglight brackets would fit.

VRG JDM rear shown with USDM rear, you can see how much shallower the VRG bumpers are.

Front VRG bumper on and JDM headlights in, mostly, a little more finishing prior to installation. The lips are also getting painted as of right now. Headlights still need to be wired.

This shows you just how shallow the VRG front bumper also is, almost flush with the hood!

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  1. 2000galantjdm's Avatar
    whats up! i have a 2000 galant any tips for it as in exterior tip like body kits rims exaust ect and btw beast galants! IM GETTING MINES PAINTED THIS FRIDAY COSMIC BLUE evo blue.