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Thread: My 8G VR-4

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    A filipino's number one dream is to own a car before anything else. In the philippines, most private car owners consider their vehicles as an extension of their home but with one differrence: a home is where his wife cooks while a car is where his girlfriend builds a fire. Hmmm...

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    awesome car deffintly jealous lol

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    engine pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2002 blue G RIP07
    2003 grey G with the heart of an Evo 8
    1999 beige G . winter beater and well its beige

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    wow that is nice

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    I've heard that some guys have 8th Gen. VR-4's here in the states, I wonder how they got them here and around how much it cost them.

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    are those falkens two-piece wheels?

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    93' Galant n/a (gave to my bro)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qs
    engine pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    as requested.. but just isn't enough.. I haven't dressed up the engine bay properly.. also it's stock.. apart from the PIVOT Volt stabilizer and custom ground wires..

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    Just a few more updates..

    Managed to Install a set of HID Light Kits.. 8000k Lo & Hi Beams

    Replaced the Stock 294mm disc rotor with RDA Slotted Rotors..

    rotors, caliper brackets and caliper itself were starting to look rusted.. so I painted it in red..

    was gonna paint it yellow on red.. but it ended up looking like McDonald's

    Before and After a Day's run..

    Also Installed a manual boost controller and Apexi S-AFC 2, with the S-AFC 2 it made the car's fuel efficiency alot better.. also while driving, it feels alot ligher..

    HKS SSQ 2

    also replaced the factory intercooler hoses with red silicon re-inforced with 4-layer poly-matrix fiber sheet and Stainless Steel Internal Spring to prevent ballooning effect (words from the seller himself)

    Installed pics..

    random shot..

    pics from when I broke the shifter linkage bracket

    and now fixed..

    also installed my JL Audio 500/1 & 12w6v2 sub and 4 channel Alpine MRV340 amp, Eclipse 6.5 Components and 6.5" Pioneer 3 ways.. (no pic for the alpine amp)

    At the OzVR4 dyno day

    and the result - 167kw at the wheels and 348nm torque

    the vid (mine's from 2:30 onwards) and other nice VR4's (thanks to Lee for uploading them)

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    Dude that's looking so sweet, I bet it's a real head turner over there as there would be bugger all 8Gs there

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    Nice. But only 218whp? Man that AWD drivetrain must be a power eater.

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    Also some dynos read substantially lower than others, and vice versa. AWD does suck some power, but it's the torque which matters really. Remember, peak power is only a measure of torque at a certain revs.

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    thanks for the replies.. it was only a dyno shoot out.. so no tuning or anything..

    I thought 167kw at all 4 wheel's pretty good considering that I still have the stock exhaust, non high flowing air filter and the SAFC hasn't been tuned yet.. I'm hoping to get around 10kw+ when tuned with the stock exhaust.. or 30kw+ with new full exhaust and safc tuned..

    owner of the shop told me that there's alot of powers still hidden within the car.. once tuned properly.. should be nice..

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    Yep, the 6A13TT has alot of potential, there are guys running heaps more power than that on the stock internals, but there is a limit. You can only get about 220kw ( I think) ATW on the stock TD03's, you'll need bigger turbo's to break into the next bracket.
    And you cannot modify the TD03's to get the power either..... they just blow up.
    1994 Galant VR-4 GOKUH ( 230kw atw )
    2000 Legnum VR-4 ( Daily, 155.5kw atw )
    1997 Legnum VR-4 - Yes Another one
    1995 FTO - V6 Mivec 200hp

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    nice vr-4 man, i will get one soon in DR

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    Looks good ;) I prefeer the facelift model with Momo steeringwheel and steelgray dash but u got something i dont have :P Turbo and AWD :evil:

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    love the car. hate the painted yellow callipers. :?

    they're crying for Red.

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    yellow caliper's been painted red.. so dont worry...

    a few more pics..

    HID lights in the rain..

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    great work! congrats!

    Quote Originally Posted by glantv699 View Post
    If God drove a 6G, it would probably be this one.
    i love eprom tuning:
    anti-lag misfiring - done
    launch control - done
    180kph jdm ecu speed cut - deleted
    a/c disengage at 35% pedal press

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    couple of additions..

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