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Thread: Galantman03's 8G Build

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    Nice gauges!

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    Man those are slick, is that an evo x cluster or something. Goes nicely with exterior theme

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    I think its a modified 9 cluster, looks pretty damn sick!
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    Its an Evo 9 cluster with overlays

    AWD Converted Forward Facing 6466 E85 EVO 8 ECU Powered 2003 Galant

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    Looks good

    1996 galant s
    finishing up my 2.4L DOHC, 10.5:1, precision sc60, meth injected MONSTER.

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    OK guys time for a photo dump. Let see here. Gauge works. And OK just enjoy the pictures

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    AWD Converted Forward Facing 6466 E85 EVO 8 ECU Powered 2003 Galant

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    I love the latest fender revision, is that another steel hood your grafting the evo vent into?

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    ^Maybe? Idk yet
    Well here is an update.
    I tried very VERY hard to get the car finished this summer.
    IF I wasn't at my internship I was out in the garage. I got to a finishing point on the bodykit (I thought) as I primed it and everything showed. I have spent all summer long blocking it out. Still didn't get it done in time.

    So I went to denver to get the car tuned. Marc also swung by during that day. Turns out I was driving the car since 2014 with an incorrectly timed engine, thanks to the good old mislabeled holes on the cam gears. Took me about 3-4hrs to get the motor timed correctly and back on the dyno for another pull. She kept breaking up at wastegate boost (23psi). Between spending 2 hours to rewrite my base map, and retiming the motor, the tuner was a little flustered and burned out from the car. she made like mid 400s. Marc and I both knew what the problem was, the plug gap. Packed up and went home for the night which was about a 7 hr drive one way.

    Next morning I gap down the plugs to .016 maybe .015 can't remember, but she was running ALOT better, making like 501 ish now only breaking up around 6500 rpm and up instead of 3500 rpm and up. Was doing a couple logs to see if I fixed anything from increasing my grounds and ect ect, until one night she started making a funny sound. Barley made it home, but I'm not too sure what is going on with it now. OH also since I had to redo timing, pulled the valve cover and noticed that my intake cam lobs on #1 piston is totally pitted and destroyed, but my rocker arm is spotless. Its not the oil i'm using as ALL my other LOBS would look the same. Me thinks the hardness isn't the greatest on the cam/ bad batch or something. drained the oil pan, dropped it and ran out of time to inspect my rod bearings.

    Maybe I spun a bearing? but at idle 600 ish rpm i was running 7 psi of oil pressure and I didn't like that, AT ALL. i always had it idle at 1100 anyways so hmm. SO any who I moved and left the car on jack stands. won't be back for a while lol. I didn't give up! I will finish it! But my education is more important and I needed to get away from everything and continue somewhere fresh

    AWD Converted Forward Facing 6466 E85 EVO 8 ECU Powered 2003 Galant

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    We all understand the frustrations associated with projects going a stray. I'm glad you made progress on the tuning but that sucks about the pitting in the cam lobe. Swap out a different set and see what happens! Maybe you're right about it being a bad batch. I'm definitely glad to see you're not giving up man. This is the sickest galant in the US right next to JIGZ's and it certainly inspires the rest of us to keep on with our own builds. Good luck with school and the car man! Stay steadfast and keep your head up. It will be finished some day and it will be glorious! Lol

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    HELLO! I still got the G!
    Long story short. Moved, finished and graduated college.
    Got the G with me in 2019 finished shaving the engine bay.
    Had to do a complete motor rebuild due to the flywheel bolts vibrating out. I'm unsure how that happened but I have my suspicion that who i actually paid to balance the flywheel didn't balance the flywheel. The clutch flywheel and crank was toast.. The flywheel walked on the surface of the crank effectively destroying it. Rebuilt the entire motor myself, and switched to R2 cams. I have a machined Evo 8 valve cover now, and a tubular rad support.
    I am finally finishing up the bodywork, and will be painting soon. Shaved and tucked bay, and now I am moving into the drive by wire throttle body era.
    I don't know if i should post pictures here or not, but there are pictures on the Galant USA Facebook Group. I'm fairly active on there.

    AWD Converted Forward Facing 6466 E85 EVO 8 ECU Powered 2003 Galant

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    Back from the dead. i cannot wait till I see it all done and running 100%!

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    wow its crazy how far you gotten im shitting my pants at this build

    Only sonata f5m42 swapped. N/A build in motion.

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