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Thread: Oil capacity for 3.0 V6?

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    Oil capacity for 3.0 V6?

    Just bought a 2001 ES V6 Galant. It has no owner's manual. I looked at the online manual and it states oil capacity is 4.5 quarts. Is that for both the V6 and I4? Seems like a lot of oil for a 3.0L V6 and a heck of a lot for a 4 cyl. My 5.0 Mustang only held 5 quarts. Just wanted to make sure the V6 takes 4.5 quarts before I do the oil change this weekend.

    Also, what is the oil plug gasket that is mentioned in the online manual? Is it required and does it have to be replace every oil change. If so can you get them at Autozone or only from a Mitsubishi parts department. Thanks for the help. I enjoy the board.

    P.S. I used the search feature fo this many times but did not find my answer. Hope this post dosen't make anyone mad.

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    gotta have some oil in the sump. I usually take 5 quarts.


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    i drop in 5 quarts.

    but yea that gasket, its a copper crush washer that they put on the plug to get a nice seal. its a one time use thing. when u take off the oil plug, you remove the crush washer and u put on a new one. they sell different type of washers at the local auto parts store but then the crush washer that the dealer sells is just a few cents more...

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    Had a aluminum crush washer on a Civic, just reversed it every oil change. Still OK after 130K miles (about 30 oil changes) with no leaks. If you really want the peace of mind, get a new washer, but reversing it should be sufficient.

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    4.5 is correct.

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    Thank you for using the search feature, and welcome to the boards!

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