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Thread: 4G63 hybrid VR4/EVO7

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    4G63 hybrid VR4/EVO7

    so i have been working on getting MIVEC onto the older generation 4G63 engines... so this was a test to see if it was affordable to upgrade to the 3rd gen heads..

    will begin work onto the MIVEC head conversion shortly....

    4G63 DSM block (6bolt) with EVO7 head.. (note this is all DIY!)

    Chipped single board ECU (ECMlink on the way)
    1G 6 bolt block
    Evo 7 Head
    2G CAS (no mods straight bolt up)
    1G Throttle (needed 5mm plate adapter)
    1G Thermostat housing
    1G 1 piece timing cover
    Evo 7 cams and gears
    Evo 8 (shaved) intake manifold
    Evo 9 injectors and rail
    VR4 wiring loom (extended)
    Evo 6 coil packs and leads
    Evo 7 turbo 16G
    i'll list more when i remember..

    welding the head and machining..

    preping the block



    Dump (unfinished)

    hot side pipe

    random pics..

    short vid:

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    finished the wiring and half tuck the rest of the loom....

    (note: if anyone has noticed, yes they are 255 wide front tyres :P)

    just wiring my gauges and RPM converter..

    ran out of space on the intake manifold and fuel rail for my pressure gauge.... so here is an idea for everyone....

    happy snaps

    1.2bar STI actuator :P

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    Wow very impressive and nicely done ive always wondered if you'd be able to reverse the head like you did


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    Damn! I want to do up some manifolds! Looks great man

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    Thanks guys, i'll keep this forum posted on the next upgrades..

    and to stop the turbo from cooking the fire wall

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    nice! I sure hope that turbo gets enough cooling air through that scoop though lol

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    Taking builds above & beyond as usual. Nice work!!

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    why u delete all the picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThanaEvo3 View Post
    why u delete all the picture.
    I'm betting it was Photobucket that removed the pictures, not the OP

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    Thanks for this post! The content is very valuable.

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