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Thread: BAZ RAX's 1994.(09) 2.0 V6 E54A 7G

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    BAZ RAX's 1994.(09) 2.0 V6 E54A 7G

    I have been viewing this forum for almost as long as I have owned my 7g. So I decided to start a thread here. The car is a 1994 7g with 2.0 V6 non turbo engine and manual transmission. Got the service book and and all the bills etc, so i have a pretty clear overview for the car's history.
    I bought the car about a year ago, because my previous car was sold, It was also a 7g, but a LADA 2107 . Here is a pic of it.

    So I bought this.

    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Oh, I forgot the interior pics.

    The sunroof

    And my winter condition, and yes, we are allowed to use studded tires.

    So after some minor fixing and stuff, I removed the sidestripes and painted the mitsubishi badges on the center caps red.
    After going to junkyard I became back with original power antenna, which was broken and replaced with some normal one, now the car has the original one again.

    So suddenly, I started to hear a clunk while accelerating. The trouble was caused by radiator's lower mounts being tired and moved down, also losing the bushings. But this wasn't the only problem, also the gearbox's beams front mountings were lose, after some stripping my 7g looked like this .

    So this weekend, I replaced some buttons, now my buttons lights are on all time, before, the lighting on window/mirror heating button and rear fog switch was on only when i turned these things on. Now when my headlights are on, the lights of my front and rear fogs, hazard lights and rear window/mirror heating buttons lights are also on. In addition I received some goodies also, front door visors, a new spare bumper with lip and fogs ( a real bargain), and num plate holders.

    So, recently myexhaust was a way too much noisy, It had a crack next to a last flange, and the muffler itself was in a bad condition too, but now it is fixed and the car is so silent, you just can't hear the engine noise, you only hear it when accelerating violently :D.
    That is a one nasty crack :D
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    hatchback?! oh wth thats sick
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivory8g View Post
    hatchback?! oh wth thats sick
    Yes, a hatchback as you can see, never sold in US.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    I'm jealous of both of your cars! Love Ladas, think the 7g hatchback is cool.


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    Welcome. Cars look goooooood! Even though I have no clue what a Lada is. Google time!


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    Welcome! Nice hatch

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    I haven't written here for a while, sorry for that. 2 weeks ago, when I drove my car to town, where I study in university (about 120 miles) I felt the clutch was way too soft, didn't look under the hood also, the next morning, when I drove my car to university, halfway there and there is no clutch at all. Under the traffic lights I turned off the engine and put in the first gear, when the lights went green I turned ignition and drove my car to school campus parking lot. Luckyly I knew a buddy who is studying in my university and has 8g wagon. We found out that the source of no clutch was a leaky clutch slave cylinder, (it was really hard to get the old one out), the same day I ordered a new one, but it had a bleeding nipple on the very wrong side. In fact, it was side to side with gearbox, so there was no way I could bleed the system. Then me and my buddy went back to shop, and got some of my money back and I bought the clutch slave cylinder repair kit, now there has been no problems with that.

    Also, we have suddenly winter here, or autumn/fall. Normally, the snow comes in mid November. Luckily I had put on my winter rims with snow tires on them.
    A funny picture of my country

    And my car

    Oh, I almost forgot, last week we had a small Mitsubishi meet.
    Bad quality pics

    To add, tomorrow I am going to have a car without those green maple leaves (which some here call "canadian tourist signs" ), see the pics above. It's the way you have to mark your car while having primary drivers license (2 years or you could swap after 23 months, which i did). The new license will expire after 10 years.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Passed the technical inspection (MOT) without any faults . Recently, I got HERTZ DV 130 speakers for free, unfortunately they are too big for the dash, and a little bit too small for the rears, If you didn't know, the European and JDM versions don't have speakers for the front door. So I have to wait until I get a better size speakers, (front 4" and rear 6.5"). One plan is to fit the DV 130-s, but they need crossovers, and then I also need tweeters for the rear, I'm also planning to get USDM front door panels, the bottom part, where the speaker goes is 1:1 fit. Another plan is to install beige 8g interior, including door panels, but this may happen in the next year.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    It's been a long time without any news, nothing has changed, everything works absolutely well.
    A few days ago we had -25 C cold (about -13 F), I had no problems starting my car.
    I'm enjoying the winter as much as I can, like all the other petrolheads here.
    And now some pics, used mate's studded tires to get more grip to get more speed

    Some people thought I had AWD because I was so fast even while being sideways :D.
    But my car is still as FWD as it was after it came out of the factory.
    Note the parking lot was several times visited by cops, after they left, the drift continued :D

    And here's my sister's boyfriend's 2.5 V6 Galant Avance. While he was working, I changed the regular winter tires to
    studded tires on steelies, because of the lack of grip.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Haven't written here for a long time. I have been pretty much just driving it. Had a little accident too, rear control arm, where the sway bar attaches, broke on a highway, the speed was about 120 kph (75mph), I went fishtailing, but thankfully my skills saved me and my 7g. Drivers side rear wheel had a HUUUUUUGEEE toe out :D, thanks to multilink suspension, I was able to reverse home, since I wasn't too far from home. No plans to engine this year. I'm focusing on the looks.

    Some pics.

    Tried on 17's

    These are the wheels I'm getting :) 17" Borbet rims from Galant Sport Edition.

    It would be good to make replica from the rear lip just in case... :D
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Trying to write short.
    Got a Remus 2x90mm muffler with samurais on it. Changed rear right wheel bearing with hub. Put one headlight in oven and switched the glass, since a donor one didn't have height control.

    Replaced front lower control arm, front stabilizer end links and rebuilt clutch master cylinder.

    Bought a beige 8g leather interior. Front seats are fully electric and heated. Door panels don't fit, carpet was pretty much the same. Also bought my own set of those 17"s

    Then i got dark brown USDM 7ga interior for real cheap, istalled most of the stuff, but not the dashboard and glovebox, since i had one detail missing for the glovebox.
    2011 when i bought my car.

    and later

    Some day, I felt sweet smell, then saw that the temp gauge was way too far. Had a small radiator leak. Replacement is 7g 2.5 V6 Dohc 4x4 radiator, which is also abaout 2" longer,
    you can see that from upper mounting points, there are double holes. Got thar radiator from a local junkyard. They also had a rear axle with differential . And I'm going to buy it...
    Sadly, they don't have the fuel tank, gearbox and propshaft.

    Almost forgot. Saw an ad on the internet, that somebody was parting out his V6 dohc galant. Went there and bought AC radiator and front grilles,
    front bumper was "diamond edition, but it had broken foglamps and the bumper itself was in really bad condition. Modified the front bumper and got the grilles installed.

    2 pics from the same day.

    A friend of mine called and told that he is buying a USDM 7gb. I had seen this car for sale on the internet. It had been sitting on a field for 5 years.
    It had a beige interior. I told my friend that i want the door panels and other light coloured details. It was a 60 mile drive, helped him, grabbed a photos too.

    That rear bumper had yellow tape on sidemarkers, I removed it, and the lights were ok.

    The next morning at home.

    Door panels with 8g chrome links and some more installed. You should know that the euro galant doesn't have speakers in front doors.
    but i already installed front door speakers when I had dark brown door panels.
    New steering wheel with cruise control. I also installed the full cruise control system, everything works fine.

    Front cup holder, we didn't get that in Europe too.

    Ahh remembered that I replaced rear shock mounts, front upper control arms and installed clear fender turn signals.

    And now was the time for USDM rear bumper. Had to do some soldering to power the sidemarkers.
    The stock one with lip. See the size difference :D

    USDM with lip, still need to extend the lip from some places to get it fit perfectly.

    Now I need to get that bumper colormatched.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Looks awesome.
    I personally hate any non-usdm bumper on the 7g I think they are way too squashed looking if that makes sense.
    1994 Galant GS - Daily driver
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    Nice to see a 7g hatch here. I love how you are mixing parts!

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    Good news !
    bought myself 8g donor car. 1997 2.5 V6 163Hp 4-speed auto.
    The hatchback needed a rear wheel bearing. I will swap rear axles because 8g has larger rear sway bar and tubular rear control arms.
    Knuckles are also a bit different, ABS sensor has a lot safer location, and is protected with a cap.
    Rear struts were leaking on the red G, left one is already changed.
    Now picture time !

    8g needed rear trailing arm since the bushing was loose, dont mind the steelies, its still winter tire season ;)

    3x V6 in a row :P
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    All that Galant goodness!


    "I smashed up the grey one, bought me a red;
    Every time we hit the parking lot we turn heads!"
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    Alternator fun
    I was driving to get my heated seats switch when weird smell came in. Then I knew, it was that damn alternator again.
    Since this engine is so rare (25 cars registered in my country) and brand new/rebult alternator costs too much, I had an idea.
    I had my old 6A12 alternator and one 6A13 alternator (both broken) I took both of them apart and measured them.
    I found out, if I use 6A12 housing with all the guts from 6A13, it should work.
    I got fully working condition alternator from my 8g donor car.
    I had to drill + Terminal hole on the housing bigger by 2mm.
    Also i used 6A13 pulley.
    The connector was different too. G S L F terminals compared to my old S L terminals. I had no need for G and F terminals,
    old connector was cut off and new one soldered in.
    + wire connector hole needed some drilling too, because of the bigger + Terminal.
    And when everything was in their place, It was impossible to get it working with old belt. 4PK950 belt was replaced with
    4PK925 belt and it was time to fire that car up. Everything was and is working well.
    And by doing that, my 90Amp alternator is now converted to 100Amps.

    box of alternator stuff :D

    plug was also from my 8g donor

    see the pulley size difference and plug has 4 pins. (left one is stock 6A12, right one is my hybrid 6A13 in 6A12 housing)

    Its also nice to see brand new things.
    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Finally swapped out rear axle.
    heres the old one out

    See the sway bar size difference. 12mm vs 19 mm. I swapped the whole axle with crossmember because the sway bar
    mounting brackets are bigger and sway bar itself is attachedd further from the subframe.

    Tubular control arms :P

    Rear knuckles. ABS sensors are protected on the 8g vs unprotected 7g ones. Rear hub bolts are also longer.

    Now my ABS, TCL and TRACE control are functioning again. Car handles a lot better now.
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    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    No big news, but had nosejob done on my 7g. New nose from my donor 8g, just had to drill spotwelds, relocate radiator brackets and also relocate crosmember mounting points.
    Everything went quite easy. Used old mounting points for new nose.

    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Nice work. I just got done changing my lower radiator support and its not too difficult.

    Only sonata f5m42 swapped. N/A build in motion.

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