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Thread: 2003 Outlander awd evap problem

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    2003 Outlander awd evap problem

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone has fixed an evap problem on their cars?

    I have a 2003 outlander with a check engine light on for the evap system (small leak). I put the car on the lift did a pressure check on the gas neck (about 5lbs) and found it was leaking out somewhere. I found a few rusty lines which I replaced with new rubber and new metal lines. The major leak I found was on a plastic "T" above the gas tank. I got the back seat off and found I needed to either drop the tank or cut a hole in the between the 2 access panels to the 2 fuel pumps. I just cut the hole to access the T, put plastic epoxy on it and the evap lines weren't leaking above the tank anymore.

    I have no idea where to go from here, I was able to drive it for 120 miles until it came back on again

    My plan is to fix it, get it inspected, sell it, then buy a 2005 LS awd outlander with a manual transmission from down south (a lot less rust).

    Thanks guys.

    -I put grease on the gas cap around the o-ring also. I have a new OEM one on the way from the mitsubishi dealership.
    -It fills up with gas fine (full blast at the pump) without clicking off, so the canister is not full of gas.
    -The fill neck is rusty but I'm not thinking it's the culprit as it's not half as bad as what I replaced already (could be wrong).
    -The VCV valve seems to be working okay (sounds fine, can unplug and plug back in while running and it starts ticking right away).
    -Have not checked the pcv valve...
    -Runs great of course.
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