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Thread: Back seats

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    Back seats

    I think I remember someone mentioning that Hyundai (xg350 I think) has rear seats that are interchangeable with the 8G... anybody know for sure? Or know if any other cars have compatible backseats...

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    I was unaware that any fit. I asked a long time ago about the 3g black leather and was told that they would probably mount up but not fill the space back there. But I never tried.

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    From my understanding the bottom section from a Sebring, 3g, and what ever the dodge equivalent snaps into place but on both sides it's not flush at all to the sides of the cabin. No biggie tbh. However the backs will need to be altered to go into place and stay without, falling down every time you hit the brakes. As for those seats. I never read anything on them but I assume with a little bit of elbow grease it might fit lol.

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    Ya I just remember reading a post from some one who was saying the chrome interior door handles fit from the hyundai fit the 8g.... also saying the back seat fits as well

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    Holy $h!t....
    Thank you...couldnt find it to save my life...I come across a lot of good info on here just forget to bookmark it sometimes

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    If anyone still read this forum, rear seat from xg300/350 does NOT fit.
    Bottom clips are 1 inch wider on xg and got different shape.
    Top (even without mounting) is wider and door does not close.
    Top itself got different mounting brackets that doesn't fit 8g.
    Top sides (side support) are separate on xg (8g got one piece top part).
    Just threw away $40.
    Get 8g leather and repaint it!!!

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