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Thread: customizing my '12 GALANT SE

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    customizing my '12 GALANT SE

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    Quote Originally Posted by WEAPONS-GRADE View Post
    not sure if this is the right section for this, but i'll be posting my customizations in this on-going thread as they come. i have a lotta experience with the 4G63 LANCER EVOLUTION, so it'll be fun to see what i can do with this platform. stay tuned, my first update will be coming in a few days...

    mods, feel free to move this to the correct section if it's not supposed to be here.
    This will be interesting to see, WTTC, do you have a Instagram by chance?

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    so here's my first "modification." probably not what you were expecting, but it had to be done before anything else.

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    not sure how to make the image show up in the thread. sorry guys, i'm not the best when it comes to computers.

    EDIT: nevermind, i figured it out.
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    Hey.. Just bought a 2012 Galant SE

    Looking for aftermarket parts is a bitxh.. Have you found any?

    Any new upgrades?

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    @shotta12 - aftermarket parts for this car are few and far between. you'll find several things from the ECLIPSE that will fit, but GALANT-specific pieces are hard to find. i was a little frustrated when i found that out, too. but i still got several things in the works; i'll update this thread shortly.
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    Looking forward to seeing how its coming along for you.

    If you could also point out the selection of Eclipse parts we can choose from that would be great.


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    Hi there, I am a second 9G owner. I used to have a 2005 GTS and I currently have a 2009 Ralliart.

    If you look in the forums you will find a full list of the parts from the 4G eclipse that fit.

    Suspension (mixed feelings IMO)
    And then some.

    I wanted to know if you guys since you have the newer SE model could help me locate the Part Number for the AUX port attached below the AC controls. I am trying to coordinate several mods like adding a switch for composite video to the MMCS, MMCS flash and bluetooth integration via the 13 DIM pin behind the head unit.

    This is the aux port I am referring to.

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    Where would i be able to find the part number?

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    @echo12 - your best bet is to call the dealership. they should be able to look that up, no problem.

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    Noted, but I think I found it and it's just the analog 3.5mm plug female on the back of the radio via the 13pin.... I'll post the p/n when I find it.

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    sorry, i've been lazy and haven't updated in a bit. did a few small things since i last posted, including:

    - tinting the windows
    - installing a vortex generator on the roof
    - adding a decal to the rear window
    - tinting the rear lights red

    only a couple small things left before i do anything major. i wanna black out the emblems and anything chrome (like the trim around the windows and grill) and maybe black out the bottom portion of the rear bumper. anyway, i'll post several shots of the updates i did soon.

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    I think im doing everything backwards,
    Ive been doing the big stuff then I sit around mad because I ran out of cash for the small stuff.

    Any update on your car?
    Id love to see pictures of the progress.

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    @12GaugeMule - i've always done it that way, too. but on this platform there's not nearly as many things available to do, unless you're talking custom stuff. then that starts to get expensive. i figured this time around i'd get all the small things outta the way first, and then start working on the performance mods.

    i'll post a pic of the updates i mentioned last time in a few days...
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    here's what the car looks like so far from the rear. i love the look of tinted windows on a white car. also, notice how the taillights no longer have that annoying chrome section in the middle.
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    2012 GALANT SE

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    i think it's also worth mentioning that i replaced all interior and exterior bulbs with LEDs. the change is subtle, but it really makes a difference. donno why cars still use bulb technology from a hundred years ago.
    2012 GALANT SE

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    customizing my '12 GALANT SE

    Looks very good man!

    IMO: I would've gone w the black and white theme.
    I am actually looking forward tinting my tails in he next month or so. If you can get your hands on a gts or Ralliart spoiler lip and match that with the lower bumper section black color, u got yourself sweet sweet eye candy...

    As a suggestion, I would def like to see the lower section of that back bumper black. I think it would give it a nice accent.

    If u can, take down pics of those led mods u speak of...

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    @echo12 - i was thinking about a lip spoiler, but the vortex generator on the roof is black, too. i don't wanna start doing too many black accents, so i'm gonna stick with just blacking out the bumper.

    in the meantime, i swapped out the shitty chrome headlights for the ones with the dark bezel. man, what a pain in the ass to gotta remove the entire front bumper to take the lamps out. so while the bumper was off, i figured i'd do the grill. i'll take pics later to show you exactly what i did, i think you guys'll like it.
    2012 GALANT SE

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    I'm guessing u didn't take pics of removing the bumper to get to the grille?

    That bumper is a woman w 6 kids to remove...

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    @echo12 - no, i didn't document the process of taking the bumper off. but yeah, it was a bitch to do. there's gotta be an easier way, i'm gonna ask one of the techs next time i bring it in for a service. i have so many cuts and scrapes on my forearms just from trying to reach some of the bolts. unless you have the hands of a child, they're almost impossible to get to.

    i'm surprised nobody's done a how-to post on this yet. in hindsight, i shoulda done a step-by-step instructional, but i'm not gonna bother doing that again. took me about an hour just to get damn thing off.
    2012 GALANT SE

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