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Thread: Car bogs down on accel until fullg warmed

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    Car bogs down on accel until fullg warmed

    So lately my car seems to try and bog down when I leave out from a cold start. I give it gas, and acceleration doesn't match the given throttle sometimes. But when it's fully warm, it doesn't seem to be an issue.

    I know I have both/either an o2 and cat code last time my car was was scanned. I also had tranny codes at one point from a coolant leak dripping on on the tranny sensors. Thats what the transmission shop said. The leak was taken care of by my regular shop, and the codes for the tranny went away on their own or at least were cleared.

    They told me all that was left were the o2 and cat codes, which were gone for a little while when the regular shop installed a new o2 while fixing the leak.

    So just wanting opinions if the o2 or cat would be causing the issue. Seems weird it acts up mostly cold..figured an o2 or cat issue would be constant at any temp.

    Thanks for any ideas or input

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    Mine does that too but I just let it warm up and nothing bad has ever happened from it.

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    Guess I'll deal with it for now or see if it goes away when I get my other issues sorted out. Thanks

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    Go to your local autozone and get the codes it has right now. Also check for a vacuum leak, any broken or disconnected lines running to the intake manifold or leaks after the maf sensor. Check the Intake manifold throttle body flange for the common tb crack.

    4g64T 5spd

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    Thanks for the idea, I'll keep them in mind and take a look. My car is v6 btw. I see I failed to mention that.

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    I am running into same issue did you figure out your problem.

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    Actually I forgot about this issue and and don't recall having the issue anymore. probably since then I've had to replace dis rotor, cap, plugs wires, map sensor on intake manifold, maf sensor cause dropped original on accident, fixed exhaust leak near flex pipes, went from full injen intake to air box and paper filter, ive deleted both exhaust resonators for sound, and also replace egr vacuum solenoid when had egr any one of those may have contributed to a solution lol. My idle at time will fluctuate a hair now a days but i know my breather hose from valve cover has aged so wonder if it has cracks causing a vac leak.

    Good luck hope it helps give u ideas to try. Also doesnt hurt to clean ur throttle body.

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