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Thread: My new daily driver. EU Galant 8G 2.5V6

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    My new daily driver. EU Galant 8G 2.5V6

    So, had to retire my out worn 2.5V6 wagon due to rust and some other stuff. And I fuckin hate the looks of the wagons from behind
    So I bought this one of my friend from the Norwegian Mitsu Club.
    It's produced the same year as my old V6 wagon, in 99. It has all equipment but the VR-4 bumpers/skirts that I have originally on my black G.
    Not gonna do much to this car and most likely it's gonna be parted out as well in a few years.

    My old daily next to the new one

    The day after I bought it. By then I changed out the plastic wood thingy around the centre to the dark grey I have in my black G. Also I installed the sleek looking double DIN Pioneer SPH-DA120 AppRadio 4. There is a big colour difference between the doors and fenders because it was at a body shop a few years back. Either they used the wrong paint or the old paint is in really bad shape. Hopefully it gonna get it detailed soon.

    Did I mention I hate chrome? Plastidipped the chrome grill. Needs a layer of glossifyer dip tho

    The headlights comes from the wagon.
    They are rebuilt VR-4 one piece headlamps with original H7 low beam and H1? high beams in separate housing. Now it's 3" Morimotos with HB4 bi-xenon where the low beams was and on the high beams I have some ok ebay projectors and some ok cheap xenon bulbs. So I now have a double sets of high beams. It's almost daylight in. Everything chrome inside is painted matte black as well

    I've also installed led bulbs in all interior lamps. It's nice to know if something I'd left on, it's not gonna drain the batteries.

    Future plans is just to maintain it for a few years. Maybe put some lowering springs onnit. It's eventually gonna be parted out and the engine is going into my 4G63 black 8G most likely along with the headlights.
    Might buy some new tails tho. I like the replicas of the original tails since the area that's lighted up is bigger and looks much better. I have those on my black G and are very satisfied with the look on em
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    And here's a picture from my vacation with a friend

    Also have the bikerack from Thule that I had on the wagon but I was missing to pieces that's suppose to clamp one of the rails down so it's still not mounted

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    Looks good!
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    Tnx :D
    Here's some pictures of the simple soundsystem in the back.
    RockfordFosgate Punch 12" slim in a RF slim wooferbox

    Can't remember the exact model but it's a Alpine 5ch digital amplifier with 900rms total. For now in this car it's running only the woofer. In the previous car, speakers in the front and back was hooked up to it.

    The speakers are Focal IS165 integration. Quite good speakers for good price. Runs good even on the headunits amplifier. Gonna switch out the backdoor panels to the ones from tho wagon so I can take the speakers in the back window down to the doors instead.

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    Very clean!

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    I love the red one in the first pic..

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    Sad to see her go (red one) Love that colour with the combination of black accents here and there. Only thing is that I'm not a wagon fan and her previous owners didn't treat her well so rust is a problem. Engine and some other stuff is gonna be taken out before death comes with his flatbed truck and take her away

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    A little demonstration of my retrofitted headlights

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    So, recently I noticed the smell of coolant. Didn't find any leaks and the system is still somewhat full. But I noticed that that sometimes when I start the car, my windows gets damped for a few seconds before it goes away. Thinking that the heatercore is leaking a tinybit. But the thing is, it also smells from the outside.
    I've changed a heatercore before. So much work. It's a nightmare.

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