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Thread: Mitsubishi Owner Day 2015 Normal, IL

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    Mitsubishi Owner Day 2015 Normal, IL

    The last MOD at the Normal, IL factory was this past weekend. It was a great time, huge turnout and a lot of fun. I didn't take as many pictures as I hoped to, but for those that did, feel free to post more here. (sorry Tony! I didn't take any pics of your car. It wasn't intentional! haha)

    Then spotted this on the way back home

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    You took some good pictures my dude! The cars were looking great. It was a really good weekend.

    Kenichi sent me two samples of his pictures. He had a show in Columbus the next day so Im not sure if he was able to get the others done.

    Obviously once he sends me the better quality pictures Ill post them up. If he has any more. As for myself, I got really lazy. So yeah, no pictures from me. haha
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    Nice Galants but I think my jaw dropped when I saw that Legnum

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    How is that legnum even possible? Lol

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    Easy, from Canada

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    Mitsubishi Owner Day 2015 Normal, IL

    Yeh. She drove down from Canada. Won the longest distance award and hung out with the CEO of MMNA

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    Looks like an awesome meet, nice pictures! That Legnum owner should join up the boards.

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    Mitsubishi Owner Day 2015 Normal, IL

    Got the photos from Kenichi. For those who don't know, he's the one with the anime wrapped car. He is probably the most enthusiastic Galant owners I've come across. I love his attention to detail and execution with any modification he does. Thank you again Kenichi!

    The crew and Ishin from CZero Media

    Waiting in line to get into MOD, lol.

    Shannon's legit VR4

    Me and Jigz gushing over free repair manuals

    Not sure who this was, but thanks for coming out

    This too

    CEO of MMNA

    Taking of my plates before the show (excessive hardware)

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    Nice pictures! By the way is anyone from TGC going to east coast MOD in NJ?

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