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Thread: 2003 Front end/ grill

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    Icon9 2003 Front end/ grill

    Been looking at some way of changing the front of my 03 galant. I like the 01 style, any chance parts would swap? Been looking, haven't found any info.

    I'd really be okay with changing it to just about anything else... the 03 front end just looks soft to me (noob here btw) :P

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    Yes, the 99-01 bumper will fit on. However, there is a bracket on your radiator support that will prevent the 99-01 grille to fit on. It will have to be cut off/removed if you want the grille.

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    That won't mess up the radiator at all, will it?

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    No it will not mess with the radiator. Once the bumper is off you will see.

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    Correct. It won't effect anything. It's just there to hold the 'beak' part of the 02-03 bumper. If you're switching, then it's unnecessary. Same goes for JDM or aftermarket bumpers. You won't need that piece. Some people cut it (you'll need a good angle grinder/discs) or drill out the spot welds and pry it off (need good drill bits).

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    While I'm at it, might as well go jdm if I can find one on the cheap...

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    The piece you need to cut can be removed with a power tools necessary. Just a thin piece of metal that sticks out a little where the "nose" of the bumper cover is. I did the swap myself this summer

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    Thanks guys. Nice cars by the way, I got a lot of work to after seeing your guys' rides :)

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    Its best to drill out the spot welds that hold the nose on. But whatever works, if you use a hacksaw just make sure you clean up the are prior to mounting the grill (jdm or usdm).

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    Noob here. I had the same question but now I'm wondering, if i bought the Vr-4 front end, would that snap on easy with my 02 US Galant

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    Nevermind. Looks like any VR-4 front end the crash bar will have to be cut in some type of way?

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    Did you push through with replacing your front end grille?

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    Not yet. But I think Iím going to just go with the 01 front. Seems a lot easier and cheaper at the moment lol

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