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Thread: Fuel level gauge becoming delayed

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    Fuel level gauge becoming delayed

    This just started the 2 days ago. I have an 03 mitsubishi galant. I got off work and was getting ready to head home when i realized my fuel gauge was showing below E. I put gas in it a few days prior but just figured maybe i drove around more than i realized, so I went to the gas station and filled up. But to my surprise, only about 4 gallons would pump. I started the car and looked back at the gauge before i left to see what it showed, but it was now moving up to the full mark. I didnt think much off it, and just figured id keep an eye ob it to see what happens. It didnt happen again till today, coming home from school. It was again below E, but knowing that i just filled it up, i decided to just drive it and see what happens. Well, after about maybe 3 or 4 miles, the gauge started moving up and stopped at just a hair below the full mark. Im really curious as to what is going on. I work at a dealership as a tech apprentice for my schooling, but Ive never seen or heard of this before.

    Any help or pushes in the right direction would be much appreciated.

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    Its either the cluster or the sending unit.

    I'd start with the cluster, its easier to get to.

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    Ok. i will try the cluster. It has been giving me a problem with the engine temperature gauge as well. Ive replaced the sending unit for the engine temp gauge, the engine temperature sensor itself, and even did some wiring checks and all seems to be fine. So i guess if i get a cluster, i could possibly knock out 2 birds with 1 stone now

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    Mine is doin that too. What was it?????

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    For me when my car was not taking in all the fuel that the tank can hold, it was because the pressure of the gas fumes was automatically stopping the pump. This was due to a bad vapor canister, as the venting was not happening for the gas fumes. I changed the vapor canister (under the car at the back) and it was all good.

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