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    New to Galant

    Just picked this 96 Galant S up for $900. Runs and drives great. But I was wondering if the 2.4 that's in this is the 4G64 engine? And just basic ideas and discussion on it will be appreciated. Cant get too many ideas or know too much. Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum! And thats a nice Galant.

    Yes that is a 4g64 engine.

    If you wanna go and make some more power then turbo it straight up. Cold air intakes dont really work, short ram intakes work even less.

    A 14b turbo setup with a small front mount intercooler, some custom intercooler pipes, 450cc injectors and a SAFC can run you about 5-6 hundred.

    If you wanna do just visual upgrades then there are integra front lips, jdm bumpers, jdm side skirts, or Lancer OZ side skirts.
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    I appreciate it a lot. I'm more interested in the visual right now. It runs good, just looks rough. Lol. But thank you a lot. That actually helps a lot

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    id get a refund or sell it and get you a 8g. 8g is where its at =p
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    What is the biggest engine you can put in a 94 galant ?

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