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Thread: 2001 Galant Overheating on idle

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    2001 Galant Overheating on idle

    As the topic says, it seems to overheat on idle and cool down when I rev the engine. Sitting at red lights is an issue now.

    So far I have checked the coolant level which is full, checked the fans both of which run. I'm thinking it's the temperature gauge but I'm not sure.

    There is a slight coolant leak on one of the lower hoses behind the engine if it helps. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Alright it seems the overheating was caused by a few issues.

    1. The fans only kicked in with A/C on which led to overheating at idle. I still need to fix this.

    2. That pipe I mentioned where the coolant was leaking had a slight air bubble next to the electric thermostat.

    3. Same pipe had a huge crack around the O-Ring seal. Which caused enough of a leak where I was almost out of coolant. I'm currently in the process of replacing it.

    4. One of the bolts holding the coolant thermostat in may leak oil. I can't confirm that though as there is no seepage at the moment.

    All of this led to an overheating situation which I'm currently fixing.

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    This is the replacement pipe I found at the local junkyard for $20. Picked up O-Rings at AutoZone.

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    Any update about your repairing the overheating?

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    Have you fixed it?
    Isn't there any relation with the alternator since the problem get solved when you rev the engine?

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