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Thread: 3G steering wheel gap

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    3G steering wheel gap

    Hi everyone, so I'm just putting the 3G steering wheel on, and somehow the steering wheel is shaking slightly. My mechanic friend said it looks like the (inside the steering wheel, nut section->gear section->cone section) cone section is a bit not matching, either the galant side is slightly shorter or smaller, or the eclipse side is bigger and longer...

    So now it is on, and whenever I drive through some rough road surface, I can feel the steering wheel is not tight, kinda like I can hold the steering wheel tight, but inside, the column is still shaking, and I can feel it on my hand...

    Now I'm wondering, is it a common problem? Any suggestions to make it better?

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    I've never done that mod but I am planning to in the near future, so subbing for information. What year is your car? Many have done it.

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    It is a 2000 ES, and the steering wheel is off from a 2003 Eclipse, other than my next project of wiring up the radio control on the back, everything plug in with no trouble.

    Now if we're wiring up the radio control, then the clockspring will need to be changed to a 2003+ model, either off from a Galant or an eclipse, the eclipse clockspring will carry all the wire we need, but the color is different with those on the Galant though... Once I have the money and time to execute this project, I shall post a complete thread :p

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    I have a 2003 3G wheel on my 2003 8G and I don't have any problems with it. Got it from the junkyard too.

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    hmmm, I wonder if it's just this specific wheel I got has some issue, or if I have damaged something in the process...

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    Could be something with the wheel you got too.

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    Since it is not really a safety issue, let's see if I can get used to this first :)

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    I like it! I've always liked the Eclipse wheel.
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    Yea, it does make the car looks younger, and the circle around the Mitsubishi logo just reminds me of the EVO wheel, love how it looks, and the material is fine, leather always feels good to touch, it's my luck to fine one in such condition. Still, I feels like I can get more grip, I guess I'm too used to my old wrapped wheel, I'll probably transfer the wrap over, I'm excited for the "proper" grip! :)

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    So the 2003+ clockspring I got from the 2003 Galant at the junkyard was finally on, together the shop also "tightened" the wheel, later I found that it is probably just a washer in between the nut and the steering wheel, anyway, the wheel is good now.
    But those radio control buttons were not working all the time, only works when the wheel is turning in specific angle...But everything else works just fine :)
    So I think it has something to do with the clockspring, and so I go ordered one straight from a dealer, $70 something shipped. Got this brand new Clockspring in today, and TADA! It is working now~~ Feels good for buttons are doing what it's supposed to do.

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    I still don't understand how there was Gap, I installed mine with zero issue.

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    I'm guessing there's suppose to be a washer behind the 17mm nut, maybe I lost it when I took the wheel off. Or, maybe there's a slight different on the Galant nut and the Eclipse nut, hard to tell.

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