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Thread: ABS and TCL (traction Control) light on

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    ABS and TCL (traction Control) light on

    Hello members,
    Have had ABS / TCL light come intermittently for some time. I believe it to be a wheel sensor or ABS unit. Came across the following site / post where a member grounded OBD module to receive code (issue was REAR WHEEL SPEED SENSOR). Unfortunately, site is only for information and can no longer post;
    GalantForum member drseabreeze;

    He states he grounded PIN 1. Did he use jumper to ground PIN 1 to another PIN (PIN 1 and 4) or to chassis (2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES-V6)?

    Image of OBD module
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    Follow up, have confirmed that issue is defective front wheel speed sensor (MITSUBISHI MR370932). Has anyone removed / replace speed sensor? Interested in knowing what is involved replacing sensor.
    Thank you in advanced for any additional information.

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