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Thread: Galant HUBS (4 hole to 5 hole)

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    Icon9 Galant HUBS (4 hole to 5 hole)

    Hello from Spain

    All the threads you post we can see galants with 5 hole hubs. I would like to swap mine (4 hole) to 5, because of cheaper and more wheels avaliable, and also 5 hole brake discs.

    What parts would i need? Somebody did this already? I didnt find info.

    And the most important thing... where to buy? I have been looking for days and i cant find this parts new or in a scrapping.


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    There are spacers to do the conversion, but I have read horror stories about this. I'm not really sure if the hubs are interchangeable with the USDM version on yours though.

    Just an example -

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    I would just stick with 4 lug. There is no shortage of wheels for the 4 lug, and there's nothing a set of 5 lug rotors would do for you that you couldn't do with better brake pads (try EBC or HAWK) and fresh dot5 brake fluid.

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