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Thread: Tony Project: picking up where he left off and doing my best

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    It's been a while since I've updated the thread so I'll give a quick rundown of whats going on. Life has been absolutely crazy for me recently and I've had little time or money to work on either of the cars but I have gotten quite a bit of work done. The gsx motor is about to be swapped into a clean 96 talon shell which I'm very exited about, so the galant will be my daily here soon. The galant has a good street tune on it but I've been held back issues with the throttle body and I need to bang out some dents in the oil pan that I forgot were there when I bought it. In the mean time I got a new carpet on the way for the galant which I think will look prety sweet when its in. My hope is to have both cars running perfect before summers over.... I'm getting obsessed with the idea of racing the two lol. I'll throw some pictures of them I took today to prove they exist stil


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    Had a little time to work on the G today and can't stand how crappy the side skirts and some of the other moldings on the car have deteriorated overtime so dropped them and got them all preped to remount on Monday. Also picked up a new oil pan gasket cause I plan on dropping that on Monday as well. Got some brembos from an evo X on the way for the eclipse as well.

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    got the sideskirts back on today and I must say that they look 100x better now. Other than that got the throttle body off and cleaned it out as well as tenshioned the spring so it pulls the throttle all the way shut now, talk about a frustrating ass job for one person. Didn't get time to drop the oil pan so hopefully I can get that done Tuesday. Last pic is just showing off how great the hood looks on this car

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    Looks good brother. Just be careful with not having the sheetmetal under the hood. It was there for a reason tho. Slight rainfall and she'll be misfiring. I remember back in the day when I used to put cardboard to prevent rain water getting around the spark plug boots. lol

    And the oil pan doesnt use a gasket. It has only RTV from factory.
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