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Thread: ‘99 Galant ES IOD issue

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    ‘99 Galant ES IOD issue

    So I recently bought this car for a good deal. I replaced as far as I can tell all the fuses and some of the larger ones. Everything works great when the car is running except the dome lights. Once the car is off the power locks do not work and none of the features such as cabin lights work. The radio does not save presets or the clock time, and the odometer trip A and B do not save once the car is off. Like I said earlier I believe all the fuses are in order however I don’t seem to have a yellow bracket for the iod fuses in the engine fuse box. The stereo has an aftermarket disk changer in the trunk, which I tried disconnecting to no avail. Which also doesn’t seem to work when hooked up. I also checked the some light bulbs which are good and checked the switch internals and I think it is okay. I just need help in where to start to fix this issue. I will post pictures of my fuse boxes if needed or any other systems as well.

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    Considering the car had and aftermarket disc changer in the trunk... - did you pull the dash to see if the wiring was messed with? Aftermarket stereo or oem?

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    It was the stock stereo, I ended up replacing the stereo with a newer Sony one, when that didn’t fix the issues I ran a new wire from the battery to the stereo and spliced it into the iod line before the stereo harness that got all the systems working great, I never did find the short but it works now.

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