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Thread: Newbie needs help

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    Newbie needs help

    I am from U.S. and I need help finding a good site to buy a legit spec d headlight for my galant gtz 3.0L

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    Hi, Tamim13 Thank you for the post, but i am having trouble accessing it. I tried clicking on the link and it doesn't seem to show anything.


    Tamim13 I just got to the website but they don't have the information for my car.
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    Oh I see now, you want projector headlights for your 8g? Not Euro or JDM ones right?

    There are couple of options, you can try retrofitting it for example -


    or you can buy the eBay projector headlights -

    There are many write ups on what is to be done with the eBay ones, search on the forum, you'll find them.

    eg -

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