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Thread: Code P2253 and P2252

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    Code P2253 and P2252

    P2253 OBD-II Trouble Code: O2 (Oxygen) Sensor Negative Current Control Circuit High Bank1 Sensor 1.

    So I am running the RRE catless headers and the mechanical spacers for the downstream o2 sensors were not working in removing the CEL.

    I attempted to run O2 simulators and somehow they may have killed the pinout on the ECU.

    I will update when the diagnostic is done.


    I was getting readings for the O2 sensors even with this code, however, when I reset the computer, unplugged all connections and reconnected them I am getting no O2 readings at all now.

    Dealer/service center is gonna inspect for me Thursday.

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    remove the simulators thats what the codes are from. I did the same thing dot the same codes
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