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Thread: All Mitsu Cookout -- August 26th, 2018 -- Ramsey, MN

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    Icon2 All Mitsu Cookout -- August 26th, 2018 -- Ramsey, MN

    Plans are underway for the 2018 All Mitsubishi Cookout and Car Show. The All Mitsu Cookout is a once a year show for all Mitsu built vehicles. This year is the 20th Annual!! There is no car show like this anywhere and no bigger Mitsu event in the Upper Midwest!

    This year's event is happening on Sunday, August 26th from 11am to 4pm. It will be at Ramsey Central Park, in Ramsey, MN. This park offers a large paved parking lot and a really nice pavilion right next to the parking lot. There is also a fair number of trees around the lot for some shade. There are bathrooms attached to the pavilion also. It will be a great spot!

    The official sign up for the Cookout and other details can be found at:

    We also have a Facebook event to get info from. It is at:

    Come enjoy the day with your fellow Mitsu nuts!


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    I'm signed up. See ya there!
    '99 5-Speed GTZ: Forged 3.6L 6G74T 6764 E85
    2017: 552whp/562wtq SBE on 19psi
    '02 Eclipse GT: 6G72 M/T-swapped Daily Driver
    '10 Endeavor: 6G75 AWD Family-mobile

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    Pretty confident my Mitsu wouldn't make it.. DSM life can be unpredictable..
    2002 Mitsubishi Galant ES (SCRAPPED)
    1991 Jeep Comanche (SOLD)
    2002 Honda Accord EX (DAILY)
    1998 Eclipse GST (PROJECT)

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    I made some updates to the sign up list the other day. We have 63 people signed up:

    If you are planning on coming, get signed up at:

    In the coming weeks, we'll be taking t-shirt orders. Go on the Facebook event to keep up with those updates. This is the 20th year for the All Mitsu Cookout. Lets make it a big one!!


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    I updated the sign up list today. We have 86 people signed up:

    In the next few days, we'll start taking t-shirt orders. Keep watching the Facebook even for details on that:

    Just over a month away now!!


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    I've updated the sign up list. We have 128 signed up now:

    Also, here is the breakdown of sign ups, based on the most popular platforms:

    1g 3/S... 10
    2g 3/S... 10
    1g DSM... 6
    2g DSM... 14
    3g Eclipse... 7
    4g Eclipse... 12
    StarQuest... 5
    Evo 1-9... 16
    EVO X... 18
    Ralliart... 6
    08+ Lancer... 5
    Galants... 5

    Today is the last day to get your t-shirt order in. Details are on the Facebook event at:


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    I updated the sign up list. We have 143 signed up:

    All the Cookout details are at:

    Here are the finalized trophy categories:
    90-94 DSM... (1st)
    95-99 DSM... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    00-05 Eclipse/Stratus coupe... (1st)
    06-12 Eclipse ... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    91-93 3/S... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    94-99 3/S... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    Evo I to IX... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    Evo X... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    09+ Ralliarts... (1st)
    08+ NA Lancers... (1st)
    Starion/Conquest... (1st)
    Galants... (1st)
    Other Mitsu... (1st,2nd,3rd)
    The "Gene Helms" Cleanest Car Overall... (1st)
    Long Distance... (1st)
    Slow Drags Winner... (1st)

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    I updated the sign up list today. We have 154 officially signed up. The list is at:

    Here are the finalized voting categories and the sign up numbers for each class:

    1g 3/S... 10
    2g 3/S... 12
    1g DSM... 8
    2g DSM... 15
    3g Eclipse... 7
    4g Eclipse... 13
    StarQuest... 6
    EVO 1-9... 19
    EVO X... 21
    Ralliart... 7
    08+ NA Lancer... 6
    Galants... 9
    Others... 10

    Here are some reminders:

    1) Sign-up online. The page is at:

    2) Fill out your car sign ahead of time. It saves a lot of time in the registration line. Download the sign at:

    And my example sign can be found here:

    3) Bring some lawn chairs for hanging out and bring your appetite! We'll have plenty of food.

    Also, if you are just coming to spectate, spectator cars (non Mitsus) will have parking lot next to the main lot.

    Its only $5 for you and your car to be in the show and eat. Why not make the trip out to Ramsey Central Park!

    Hope to see you there,

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