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Thread: FOR SALE: 2003 ES 5-Speed Swapped

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    FOR SALE: 2003 ES 5-Speed Swapped

    Alright guys, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here and this is gonna be tough. But as cliché as it’s going to sound, it’s time to move on from this car.

    I am selling my 5-speed swapped 8g, and I’m gonna say this from the get-go, she’s not in the best of shape. I’m not looking to get a ton of money out of someone. I really just want it to go to someone who can appreciate it and will try to make it better.

    The car:
    2003 Galant ES, in my family since new
    176k Miles

    The nail in the coffin for the car that really stopped my driving and working on it was a minor accident 2 years ago where someone cut me off in a parking lot. The pictures depict the purely cosmetic damage that occurred. It would be great to fix that damage and sell it but I just don’t have the time. Again its all cosmetic from what I can tell. If that were fixed the car would look pretty good IMO.

    The good:

    -Fully functioning 5-speed swap with working speed sensor
    -Outlander Intake Manifold Swap
    -Megan coilovers
    -Megan muffler on 2.5 inch exhaust (did this in prep for the boost that never came :(
    -Rear disk swap
    -Evo Enkei wheels (some curb rash)
    -Vr4 tail lamps
    -Kicker speakers and X2 10” subs W/ pioneers head unit and an Amp (will have to check brand and wattage on the amp)
    -Rear Megan strut brace

    The bad:

    -Front end damage
    -Leaky oil pan
    -Needs Alignment
    -Miscellaneous dents and Scratches

    When I parked the car it was running and driving fine. The exhaust is definitely too loud for my taste at this point but other than that I daily drove it for almost 10 years.

    At the end of the day I’m well aware that the car is rough and I’m not gonna make it out to be anything other than a project car. But I have too much attachment to scrap it or sell it to a jerk who’s gonna destroy it. This car taught me a lot about not just cars but life and if it can do the same for someone else that’s all I really want.


    I’m located in South Florida. My ability to to ship or drive the car to someone is essentially non existent. However, if anyone wants to run something by me, please do by all means. That being said. If someone can pick it up make me an offer.

    Thank you to everyone who’s helped me out with this car over the years and I hope that this forum continues on.

    Pics from back in the days:

    As it sits now:

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    Did you ever sell this?

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    Nope still have it. Still for sale.

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