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Thread: where to buy parts

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    where to buy parts

    I seem to remember there was a dealership that sold parts mail order for reasonable prices. Can someone give me their name and contact information. Where else do you buy your Mitz parts. I need to pick up an MB813680 (aka AW350056) HVAC AIR INLET DOOR ACTUATOR. MODE MOTOR. MOTOR, AUTO HEATER CONTOUR. RECIRCULATING MOTOR. Its that little black box behind the glove box that allows fresh air to enter the car. I used to grab then in junk yards but 7g are harder to find in junkyards and the last couple I picked up all had stripped gears (causes a loud, repetitive clicking sound when the dash switch is pressed to let in fresh air instead of just re-circulating the cabin air ). Looks like I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy new.
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    Hope you have found the car parts by now.

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