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Thread: New coolant sensor wonth thread in all way. 6g72

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    New coolant sensor wonth thread in all way. 6g72

    Is it normal for coolant sensors not to thread in all the way..this new one threads in less than original to the point you can barely plug harness in clip in it. Talking the ecu coolant sensor and not fan one. V6 6g72 btw.

    Also one of wires to the harness has a break in insulation..can you simply cut out and splice in with say connectors? Or do they have to be soldered and is there any length the added wire has to be, or just use what ever is needed to make it work?

    Thanks for any help

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    Return the sensor and get a different brand. Did you replace it with an oem sensor? If it doesnt thread in or clip in then there something off. Check the the threads of the new one against the old one, like thread them into each other. There shouldnt be any gaps. Check the female side of the connector, they should be a match.

    If you have break in the wire you either solder it or a straight crimp connector. I prefer insulated crimp connectors because they eliminate a point were the wire could vibrate and break again over time. Not many people have them cause they prefer the latter method and they require a special crimper.

    If you solder just cut both wires in different spots so you offset the breaks and there not relying on each other for stiffness. Add some long shrink tubes to insulate and add strength to the joints and your good to go.

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    Thanks for the quick replteply and help. Yeah I went with a rock auto closeout sensor..first rock auto ordered part to give me an issue..I even put old sensor back in no ran fine.

    Also are any sealants or teflon tape necessary? I didnt use any when I put old one back last night and doesn't appear to be any leaks.

    Thanks again

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