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Thread: Can you help with my Sensor issue?

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    Can you help with my Sensor issue?

    Hello. I just bought a lovely 2002 Galant Auto 2.5, V6 on Ebay. I'm no expert but I liked the look and it has low mileage and good reviews. However, despite the new MOT, it has the engine management light stuck on. The seller was honest with me and didn't want to spend any more money on it. His garage detected a faulty sensor marked - bank 2, sensor 1. Does anyone know what this is and how to get one? Sally Ash.
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    That’s easy - oxygen sensor. Front on the top. That means that if you are standing in front of open good, it’s the one you can see right in front of you. You can get one from the dealer, eBay, rock auto, Amazon, or any auto parts store.

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    Thanks Kamilw. I'll give it a go. Sally.

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