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Thread: suspension/swap questions

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    suspension/swap questions

    hey new kid here, so i have a 1994 galant gs 2.4 sohc 4 speed auto and was wondering a couple things...
    1, are aftermarket suspension parts lighter? i want a fun car that is still decent on gas.
    2, is it supposed to be that slow stock? it has a erg fault but it seem way to slow.
    3, how bad is a 5spd swap? car was free so i couldnt choose specs and stuff.
    4, is a cheap header worth it?
    thanks in advance

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    1, Never heard of anyone using aftermarket suspension for lightness. To improve handling, some have installed a urethane bushing kit to replace the OEM rubber bushings.
    2, While the stock 7g was never a speed demon, I wouldn't call it slow even with an auto trans. The GS with its higher HP should definitely not be considered slow so figure out whats going on witht he idiot light. % speed definitely makes it feel faster and also more fun to drive.
    3, 5spd swap tutorial can be found here in the galant center. There is special 5 speed trans just for the GS (F5m31) verses the stock 5 speed for the non GS galants (F4A23). Either trans will bolt up to either a GS or non-GS 7g Galant. You use your OEM ECU/TCU so a swap involves minimal wiring to do the swap so probably one of the easier auto to 5 speed swaps to do. Highly recommend you go thru the tutorial and make a list of all the parts you will need from the donor car.
    4, Never heard of anyone going out for a special header unless they are adding a turbo to their car.

    I'd suggest you fix the idiot light and just drive the car for a while to see if you like it. If you like it then consider the 5 speed swap. Just realize you'll never get back any money you put into you car. Then if you don't like it you can give it to one of use who do like these cars. Those of us who still drive our 7g mostly have them for sentimental reasons. There are much nicer, faster and newer cars out there but the 7g was an incredible car for its time. I've been driving one since late 1993 when the 7g first appeared in the dealers showroom.
    98 ES (5 spd), 94 GS (5 spd), 94 ES (rebuilt auto), 92 Toyota 4X4, 81 KZ550 A2, 67 Mercedes 250S, 58 Mercedes 190SL

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