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Thread: 1 04 ES, Many Issues

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    Icon9 1 04 ES, Many Issues

    My new to me 04 ES has some issues, egr readiness incomplete 120 miles after new battery. Seems easy just drive until it completes. Weak starter... I think, It starts slow but after 2 or so revolutions it starts fine. I really dont want to replace the starter as i have no space or that many tools right now, or funds that matter. And a radio thats on but has no sound. Its a stock non infinity radio fuses look good, it turns on shows channel and volume. Would like to keep stock HU but if not i have some i have my eye on. And shakes a 1-2k at low speed, seems to be from passenger side front (behind glove box maybe?). No major leaks (that i can see) I'll get some spark plugs next paycheck. I got it for $1k from a tow yard, police arrest and tow got it. I was looking for a second car as my 7g (94 ES with 162k) got 15ish mpg, and saw this one is suppose to be better mpg wise. Hopefully it makes a great DD.

    Car is a 2004 ES @161K
    Platinum pearl metallic
    black rattle can'd hubcaps (courtesy of PO)
    few scrapes and bruises
    oh yeah it's missing the rear driver side door panel

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    I got a code reader and solved the smog/erg readiness issue. Got most of the old purple tint off, walmart razor blades don't last long.

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    i found a cd and $2.85 in change in the radio, that still doesnt work. Its has rough idle and stalls with no cel. this forum's dead as a door nail.

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    so the rear driver side window is leaking and we just got a week of heavy rain, anyone know where i can get replacement carpet? I found someplace but they only have molded carpets for 7g and 8g, will 8g carpet fit a 9g?

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