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Thread: fuel leak

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    fuel leak

    I have a leak on the high pressure side its the connection between hard steel line coming from tank and rubber line going to rail. my question is it a simple metal flare fitting, or ir there supposed to be an o ring. I purchased the car recently according to the orig owner nobody opened that connection so I cant imagine a line fitting leaking on its own I am hoping there is/was an oring that may have gone bad due to age. anybody know? leaking fuel pretty bad mechanic doesnt want to mess about said he wants to just hack the fitting off and hose clamp it together. I cringe at the idea

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    is this a dead forum? the second question I asked here and not so much as a greeting. I would figure something like a fuel leak would garner some sort of attention.

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    its been dead, basically up for research purposes, mostly everyone is on FB these days

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    mine actually leaked from the hose and I had to replace the house, i dont recall there being a oring

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    Thanks for the reply. the hard line had a crack at the bend coming off the firewall. I cut and flared it used a hose clamp to connect for now. An engine was swapped in before I bought the car I bet it hit the line and put a crack in it on the way in or out because there is absolutely no rust or signs of wear on the lines anywhere.. the AC line on the other side is pretty scratched up. I've been checking and the lines and connections are dry, there's some smell of gas but to be expected for a few days. I check at idle but should check while pinching the line to the fuel pressure regulator, will do that tomorrow.
    I'll look for groups on FB thanks!

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