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Thread: 00 Galant Ecu swap

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    00 Galant Ecu swap

    In short, looks like my Ecu kicked the can

    Been doing a lot of research on how to swap the ecuís, but nothing precise on my particular year model, 00 galant 2.4 MR217319.

    If anyone can lend a hand or steer me in the right direction on what all I will need to either make the swap or delete the immobilizer code that way I can make the Ecu swap Iíd be very appreciative

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    also willing to pay anyone who can lend a hand

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    very rare that these ecu's fry,

    but u can swap with any 99-01 ecu, 99-early 00 do not have an immobilizer, late 00-01+ does

    if u do end up with a 00 with an immobilizer, u will need to pull the rom and email it to get it deleted.

    but basically it should be a plug and play, ecu is located behind the blower motor

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    Hey thanks man, yeah mines is all but fried or something, numerous relay issues ect.

    I did get a tactrix cable 2.0, and downloaded Ecu flash but Iím having issues getting it read my current rom, so Iíll be emailing the support website there to troubleshoot.

    If by chance I do pull it where in general do I email it too for the immoblizer to deactivated?

    And finally I did end up getting a 2001 Galant Ecu, immoblizer and key/lock cylinder, hopefully this will solve my issues once it comes in.

    I owe ya one, pm me your cash app or PayPal and Iíll send something your way for the help

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