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Thread: Blew my timing belt after a simple spark plug change

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    Blew my timing belt after a simple spark plug change

    Back in April I was doing a simple spark plugs with valve cover gasket change with my oil change.
    A Quick background on the car... My valve cover gasket had been leaking from the previous owner that I bought it from, guess his “airplane mechanic dad” doesnt know how to use a torque wrench, that he claimed did small work on the car here and there..

    Mind you he sold the car to me because the check engine light and a crankshaft sensor code he could not get rid of even after having it serviced at a shop with warranty of a timing belt change and new cs sensor. He said the light went away for a while then came back on so I talked him down from 1700 to 900 face to face since his ad on craigslist said nothing about a check engine light, but I could care less of any code for my love for a galant is forever, I seen potential as there was barely any rust on the engine bay,
    so Long story short, the starter NUT was loose and Arcing against the block or the starter shield. I wish I had a picture of the nut but it was melted in half and loose as shit. So I changed the nut and reset the codes and was good for a year, MINUS the valve cover leak that I kind of put off and kept dumping oil in. It really wasnt that bad(so i thought), maybe a quart of oil every month..

    so back to changing my plugs, gaskets, and oil, I go to start it and it backfires and chokes and stalls out. I try again and nothing at all, I knew something was up. So I starting checking my plugs and running through cables and wires and everything came out okay, (my plugs were drowned in about 2inches of oil before changing the valve cover gasket with the plugs so i thought maybe it was a wire or something) so I go inside and drink it off and go to sleep for the night to wake up in the morning first thing start tearing it apart,
    But something told me to check behind the cover where the timing belt is... and boom worst morning ever.
    Luckily I had a timing belt kit I bought when I first purchased the car( before I found the starter nut problem)
    And I just saved it incase something happened in the future since I bought it at about 130,000..
    And I wasnt about to go through wherever the hell he took it to for the warranty because I feel like they wouldnt work with him as to why he was selling it with the check engine light on...
    so heres the pics. Its all fixed and been my daily since, I was driving 2 hours everyday to and from work all summer in 90degrees so pretty happy with the results. I have a ebay header and downpipe with a magnaflow racing muffler I found at summit racing near akron, ohio just randomly walking the clearance section lol, my exhaust dumps right under my driver seat, no catback system. Was temporary but I kind of like the vibration it gives in the passenger seat here some pics or vids if they work if they dont someone help me how to post them? They are short vids. of the sludge behind the crank plate and revving after everythings done. (The plate bent and smacked the cs sensor and shattered it and broke both belts). ,

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