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Thread: She's toast

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    She's toast

    I was driving home from college (a 15ish mile trip) on the highway going 70-80 when I heard a thunk, i gave it some gas and nothing. I pulled off and turned off the car, got out and booked it to the other side of the car. Car wouldn't restart starter engages engine and spins it faster than normal. It did not spill a single drop of fluid.

    4g64 w/ 4spd auto 164k miles

    It's dark out now so I'm gonna work on it in the morning

    Known issue erg valve stuck closed and torn CV boot

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    got spark and fuel, im thinking either distributor/sensors or balance shaft belt (which is broken).

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    0 compression on all 4 cylinders, t belt is intact taking off valve cover now, there's been oil on the distributor for a while would that affect cam/crank sensors, i hear on here that its part of the distributor on 94/95 models.
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    replaced distributor still won't start. anyone in norcal want a project car?

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    It's most like belt valve, which is better a remanufactured complete head for $540 ($470 plus shipping and tax) or buying valves, springs, retainers, etc and doing it myself?

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