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Thread: Another new 8g Galant owner looking to build!

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    Another new 8g Galant owner looking to build!

    Hey everyone. I just came up on a 8g ES V6 automatic for $1000 and I'm looking to see what i can start customizing right away for decent prices. Im looking to exterior upgrades first. If you have any ideas let me know please!

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    Welcome to the site! Activity on the site has been low for the past few years, but there are still some knowledgeable folks that poke their heads in from time to time. I would recommend checking out the "Random Thoughts Thread" and the "Post a pic of your car" threads!

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    My old friend voodoo is right. There's also a pretty good back log of stuff in the build section to look through.


    If any of the pictures still work.

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