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Thread: 1993 7g Galant 6G74 AWD

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    1993 7g Galant 6G74 AWD

    Last year my friend blew his 7g's 4G64, and there is no other USDM 7g-s to get another engine. I was browsing facebook and found the solution that we both could benefit.

    The car is 1993 2.0 SOHC 5speed.
    It was sitting in the garage since 2007. Mileage is 83000km/52 000 miles. I can see traces of collision repair, but overall it is in very good condition. Mostly all the galants have real bad rust on them because of roadsalt

    So my friend got the engine and transmission and I got the shell.

    I recently started to converting my Pajero/Montero engine to fwd layout. And it is quite a bit of work. Engine block is 18mm higher than 6G72. I'm using parts from my 6G72 awd galant. I have already got alternator and power steering brackets modified. Cooling system is almost done. And i need to modify oil pan to get the transfercase fitted.

    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Rear subframe out of the red donor

    Water housing modification. I cut it from both sides where it was straightest. Then cut two 1cm rings from Pajero's water neck to fil the gaps.

    94 Galant Hatchback E54A 2.0 V6 DOHC 6A12

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    Still on standby, continuing it after about a month.
    Engine is in a car. I need to modify oil pick-up and oil pan. Then need to weld in drieshaft carrier bearing brackets and finally make some modifications to fit fuel tank. Final thing to do would be the exhaust system.

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    Thanks for letting me know.

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