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Thread: 8G Galant TCL Light flashing.

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    8G Galant TCL Light flashing.

    Hello i am brand new here, i recently purchased a Galant MK8 from 98, with the 6A13 2.5L V6 Engine ( Automatic 4 step transmission with Overdrive )
    Initially the car is in very good condition, and was a bargain. However after 20-30 minutes of driving, the TCL light begins to flash, if i turn TCL off and on, it resumes to Flashing.
    Is this a known issue? My first thoughts are 1) A sensor in one of the wheels might be loose, or have gone bad 2) It's just a faulty error code i can remove with a diagnoser.
    The reason i come to you here and ask, is because the car is actually not with me, as i am stranded in Spain ( and have been for the last 50 days ) But my friend went ahead with the purchase on my behalf. And also because information on the Internet regarding Galants is extremely limited, or in forums like these. Thank you in advance
    Also, when the accelerator is Floored there is a little rattle, but i suspect that's probably from a loose heat shield or something.

    Kind Regards.
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