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Thread: 03 Galant V6 mystery noise on startup (intermittent)

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    03 Galant V6 mystery noise on startup (intermittent)

    I've got a 2003 Galant ES V6. I get this crazy whirring type noise on startup but it's not every time. I've got 98k on the vehicle. I've replaced the following:

    -complete timing belt kit with water pump and all pulleys
    -spark plugs
    -distributor cap and rotor
    -idler pulley
    -power steering tensioner pulley
    -both drive belts

    I bought the car at 93k and it had this noise then, initially assumed timing belt really needed to be changed (still had the oem belt on). Did the whole timing belt kit and the drive belts still had the noise. Checked the distributor and found the rotor was oem and was worn all the way to the plastic and had burn spots on it. Replaced the cap and rotor. Changed out the valve cover gaskets and spark plugs as well. Still had the noise.

    Slowly going insane, pulled both belts off and checked every single pulley. Both tensioner and idler pulleys had some side to side play. Replaced those. Still had the noise

    Put a stethoscope to each pulley while running and all bearings are quiet.

    I'm posting here in the hopes that somebody has seen this crazy problem before and knows the solution or at least a better direction to go since I'm out of ideas at this point.

    Here's a YouTube link to a video I got of the sound. Have to turn up the volume but the sound is there. It only ever lasts for like 6 seconds then goes away. And then I can start it 30 times and not have it come back.

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    Wondering if it may be the starter that is starting to go out. sounds like what mine did a little before my car just stopped starting. Good thing is, if it is the starter they are an easy change out.

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