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Thread: 2002 GALANT ES suspected antitheft problem

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    2002 GALANT ES power problems (Resolved)

    I've had my ES for about 7 months now, its a good car that just hasn't been looked after how it should by previous owners.
    a few months ago the starter failed and I had it professionally replaced.
    This morning I got my daughter in the car went to turn it over and remembered that I was a little low on coolant last night, my radiator has a pressure leak that seems to only appear when I turn the vehicle off causing it to piss coolant out of the fill port. anyways, I top it off and go to turn the car over.
    it's got power BUT it is unresponsive to ignition. I tried disconnecting the battery, also had it tested: it's in great shape.
    when I got back and plugged it all back together and tried again I got a single faint click at the starter and then absolutely no sound on follow up attempts,
    when I walked away from the car knowing I was about to get pissed off I tried locking the doors remotely which was met by faint wirring of door lock motors around the vehicle with no actual movement of the locks. I tried manually and saw the same behavior.

    so now my car won't start or even try to turn over and I can't get it to lock the doors. I didn't see the green antitheft light come on but I have no idea what I'm seeing happen here.
    I'mn going to go through and check each and every fuse and relay to see if I find any bad ones but aside from that I don't know what else to do here.

    the keys were left in the ignition after the initial attempt to start the vehicle just before I decided to top off the coolant I'm wondering if some how I tricked the cpu into missbehaving or shorted a fuse?
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    further symptoms

    hazard light switch sets off adnormal wirring sound in cab fuse box, no fuses blown the reacting relays seem undamaged otherwise
    locks also make a similar sound somewherei nt hat same fuse box but a different area
    when attempting to turn the car over IF i get lucky I hear a motor of some sort in the dash behind my radio start to whir BUT that's after the key has been set back to resting it makes that sound AFTER i've attempted to turn the vehicle over

    still oblivious as to what's causing all these NEW behaviors, it was running just fine last night and it tried to turn over the first time i tried this mornign before turning it off to top off my coolant

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    all small fuses appear to be in tact/good health. some of the larger relays I didn't check kust because they were incredibly difficult to get out and I didn't want to break something I didn't need to along the way. I've read t hat the #10 fuses in the engine bay fuse box (cased in a yellow jacket) may be behind the door locks, over head done light not working, and radio wirring sound but I couldnt figure out how to get that yellow jacket out of the fuse box without breaking it so I can't tell if one of those blew. someone in anther thread mentioned that being the repetitive problem to their similair issues i,e, overheads not working, locks not working, radio not working. so i'm wondering if maybe one of those two fuses is blown? maybe that would explain how i'm getting partial power but not enough to nake anything actually work?

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    I found the culprit behind these odd issues around the car.
    the clamp between the positive lead and terminal was out of shape. it wasn't making proper connection even though it was tightened down as far as it would go.
    I cave the clamp a little love with a hammer. just a kiss or two. slipped it back onto the terminal and gently tapped it back onto the terminal and retightened the nut to make sure it stayed.
    tested by turning my dome lights on. The car started right up. I went for a drive and the idle was a bit sloppy for the first few stops but after a few minutes it settled itself around where it usually sits on the tachometer.

    this was all day spent on a poor terminal connection.smh.
    I call my car s'tan. it's short for Satan.
    it's "patriot red" that looks like crimson blood and to be frank it takes me to hell once every month or so with some sort of goofy issue that could and often times should have been resolved in the past I.e. incomplete scheduled maintanence before I got the vehicle. It's a very reliable vehicle, until it decides its time for me to learn a lesson

    I spent 3 months living in this vehicle through early fall out of pure necessity, so I intend to keep it for the rest of its life and rebuld it into something even nicer for myself considering it only has 110k on the odometer

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