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Thread: Door Light Cover

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    Door Light Cover

    Hi all. The door light covers on my front doors are broken and missing. Where can I find replacements? or at least what part number do I search for? TIA

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    Sad to see no responses, sorry @cesarepaci. I can't find the OEM part number anywhere. It seems like within the last couple of years the G community has moved on... Hope you find what you're looking for, good luck.

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    You might have to check your local pull a part. I can't seem to find a part number for that specific part either. If you do go to a local pull a part you minus well swap out the entire door panel if it's cheaper that way.

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    MR216891 for the left
    MR216892 for the right

    This is international version 8G part, which many of the members here (located in North America) are not (yet) exposed to, it is not available in the North American version 8G.

    You can try get it from Amayama or Megazip

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