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Thread: 8g galant no spark on cylinder 2 and 3 after manual harness swap

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    8g galant no spark on cylinder 2 and 3 after manual harness swap

    So i have a 01 galant with a 2.4 engine. I did the manual swap and use the engine harness from a 00 eclipse with a 03 eclipse ecu/cam reluctor. I also did the outlander intake manifold swap all together. The car starts and run, but doesn't have spark on cylinder 2 and 3.

    Things i've checked..
    *Took off harness and check all wires for damage
    *Check timing
    *Switch the coilpack and still same cylinders no spark
    *Check cam sensor for cracks
    *Open ecu and no burns on circuit board
    *Check all grounds

    Let me know if there's other things i'm missing. Thanks in advance.

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    It was the ecu that was bad. No signal from ecu for coil. Replaced it with another ecu and car is running now.

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    Glad you figured out your issue. I just recently got back into the galant game. I have a 99 I manual swapped it last year with a 05 eclipse engine harness and ecu
    I had to swap every other harness out as well. I have a cam and crank code and I bet its the cam relocator anyway not a lot of us are on here constantly.

    A great site for research I miss when this place use to be busy. Most of use are on facebook groups "Mitsubishi Galant FanClub" "Galant Tuners & Enthusiasts" "Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant Owners USA" "thegalantcenter" join them all we post daily on the FB forums!!!

    Only sonata f5m42 swapped. N/A build in motion.

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    The 00 engine harness was pnp with my 01 harness. I only had to change the plug connector for the o2 sensor. Pretty sure it's the cam reluctor if you haven't changed it. I am also on facebook group "Galant Tuners & Enthusiasts" and "Mitsubishi Eclipse and Galant Owners USA."

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    Good to know you are also on those groups. I intially was going the route of SOHC with outlander intake manifold. I had a chance to pull one for my current build. But I was busy pulling other parts at the yard. Theres a bunch of manifolds on but some of the yards never reached back out to me through email. I should of called but what ever. I decided to just pull a DOHC head and now I got bigger cams ready to go in etc etc 300 whp is my goal so a bit overkill. anyway I wanted to say once I swap the head over I have to use a evo reluctor so that will hopefully fix my crank and cam codes. I do have a spare engine from a 03 I can pull the reluctor also.

    Only sonata f5m42 swapped. N/A build in motion.

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    I was going to go dohc too, but don't know if i can pass emission. I hope to get at least 250 whp with a small turbo setup for a daily. 300 whp is not overkill, it'll be a fun daily. Hopefully everything works out.

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    Ive seen 300whp with a SOHC. But 250 is reasonable and will still be fun.

    Only sonata f5m42 swapped. N/A build in motion.

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